King Hit | Book © 2019 by DEAN KING.


The Story

When it comes to mischief and mayhem, Dean can rip it up with the best of them – stealing cars, robberies, smoking pot, dropping acid, and running amok – Dean has a no-holds-barred, fearless approach to life. Until his antics lead him to be charged for murder and put in a maximum-security prison at the tender age of fourteen.

Born in the suburb of Balmain, Sydney, to alcoholic parents, Dean does not seem to have much of a chance at life. In and out of boys homes and prisons for the next ten years, Dean learns some tough lessons in life, and undergoes an experience in 1989 that changed him forever.

What inspired KING HIT?

I have been overwhelmed with positive and optimistic feedback about my book. I am a self-publisher. I use social media and word of mouth to get the book out to the public. I praise social media for the tremendous amount of sales this book has generated in such a short time. It would have been impossible to have achieved this without the reach social media has got. The story has helped, of course. (see reviews).

 My goal for writing "King Hit" is to get a simple message out to the world. Anyone can change past self-destructive attitudes and behaviors by taking accountability for there own decisions and actions. I achieved this, and my world went from chaos to success, I did this on a personal and professional level. The key to finding my new found freedom is in the book. I hope you to find the key in the story to get out of a life you want to improve, and dreams you want to live for the rest of your life. 

Sincerely, Author, Dean King

Reviews for KING HIT

"A truly amazing story, very engaging. Highly motivational, funny, couldn’t put it down."

- Karen West, Author

"It’s a wonderful story and you’re lucky enough and wise enough to see it through to the end."

- Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Channel 9